Full Splice S-01

Full Splice cues built with Bird’s-eye Maple fronts (unless otherwise noted) and priced with one standard Josey shaft.

S-01a—-Cocobolo dark with Curl tip inlays $650
S-01b—-Bocote with Flare tip inlays $600
S-01c—-Ebony with Curl inlays $700
S-01d—-Shedua with Fancy tip inlays and white Hoppe ring $680
S-01e—-Cocobolo with Curl inlays and Cocobolo rings $710
S-01f—-Purple Heart with Flare inlays $600
S-01g—-Ebony with Curl inlays & white Hoppe ring $750
S-01h—-Purple Heart with Curl inlays, white joint & buttcap $660
S-01i—-Bocote with Flare inlays and Bocote rings $660
S-01j—-Ebony with Shedua front, Fancy tips, double white rings $780