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"Thank you so much for the many surprises that were in my cue case. My beautiful cue left me speechless. Your generosity is very much appreciated. I feel very privileged to have you as my sponsor and honored to play with such a nice Josey cue. I would like you to know that I qualified for junior nationals. I also plan on winning junior nationals with my cue. Thank you for making it possible for me to own my dream cue." -- Scott A. Burns
"Thank you very much for the tips and t-shirt. I will definately pass out your cards and recommend Josey cues to everyone looking to buy a cue! Everyone who sees my cue loves it! I love the hit most of all, it feels great! Also, it looks great! You know that it's a quality cue as soon as you put it together. Thanks again!" -- Evan Bee
"I just received a new Keith Josey cue that I ordered, and I would like to tell any interested players that Keith makes a very fine cue. This is my second Josey cue, and I have nothing but good things to say about his work. I've tried many different cues in my playing career. Keith Josey is a pleasure to deal with if you have a problem or you need some type of cue repair or upgrade. " -- James Holly
"My father loves his new cue, and his game has definitely gotten better because of it. I'm almost sorry I got it for him; he's starting to beat me too often. You have made 2 very satisfied customers." -- Sean Gill
"I received the cue, and it hits very well. I should have purchased a Josey cue a long time ago. Thank you for the cue and your great customer service (which is a rare thing)." -- Chris Hammack
"I haven't shot more than 10 or 15 racks of straight pool with the new cue yet, but it feels and shoots great. It feels like a single piece, no vibrations or funny sounds. It also feels light but very solid and well-balanced. The friends and family who have seen it also think it's as beautiful as do I. One thing baffles me, but in a good way: I used to have trouble with long draw shots going off line. Your cue seems to have eliminated that. What's the secret? Thanks again for building a great cue and for all the extras you added. This will be an heirloom. Please let me also add that you made the process of designing and ordering a cue very pleasurable as well. You clearly care deeply about the quality of your cues and the satisfaction of your customers. And, beyond that, you returned more value than at least I had any right to expect. I am very proud of my cue and the fact that you made it. I only hope my game rises to the level that justifies playing with such a wonderful cue." -- Chris Wells
"This cue has really gotten a lot of attention around here. I try and do one 9-ball tourney a week and people have noticed my improved play over the last few weeks. Last Monday at Airway Billiards I went 7 rounds. This is billed as the toughest $5 tournament in the country. There are usually between 6 - 10 semi-pro players entered every week. I was called to the center "spotlight" table to play a very good player in the last round. This is a table that everyone kinda hangs around to chat and watch matches. I strung 2 racks together and then got out from the 3-ball to win the match 3-0. I sure got some attention after that. Several people took real close looks at my new cue and I passed out no less than 5 business cards. So hopefully you'll get some calls. Anyway, I just thought you'd like a quick story of how one of your cues is doing once it left your shop. I've entered the Amature event at Valley Forge so I should get to meet you there. I'll be the tall guy in a Josey t-shirt carrying around a really nice cue." -- Shayne Dillinger
"As an antique dealer and woodworker for 25 years, I have an appreciation for craftmanship and artistry. The cue I purchased from you exemplifies these qualities and more. Thank you so much for the extra work you've done for me. Money is tight for me right now as I have an aging and ailing mother. Your kindness and dedication are both uncommon and refreshing. I'm proud to know you and to possess a beautiful piece of your work. Thanks again." -- Bob
"Just wanted to thank you again for the cue. I'm not sure how you do it, but I have owned several cues from almost every cuemaker out there and this cue you sent is amazing to me. Somehow it is much stronger than any cue I have ever touched and what I mean by that is; everything I want to do with the cueball can be done effortlessly. Whether it is a draw or a follow shot, I can use just a fraction of the stroke I would need from other cues. I'm 100% sure I can play better than I have ever played in my life with your cue. I don't know if its the taper or the construction of your cue from top to bottom, but whatever it is, continue doing a great job. I truly believe there is no better playing cue on the market today than a Josey." -- Mike Schwab
"Just a small experience sharing. As mentioned earlier, I play everyday with your cue for 3 weeks now, I'm using it for single practicing. Last Friday, I went to the Pool Hall and took out my old Schon cue. I had the impression that somebody had put a brake in that cue. I had to hit the balls so much harder to reach the same spin your cue is producing. I was shocked as I really believed the Schon had a very good hit. I just had to review a bit my conception of a good hit..." -- Serge Brigljevic, Switzerland
"Just want to say that you make a great cue. I have had it for more than a month now and it is the best cue I have every played with. My game has also improved. Thanks a million. A very, very impressed and happy customer..." -- Kai Wei Lin, Singapore




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