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Keith is known as a cue repair specialist by pool players and collectors all over the world. All types of cues are sent from everywhere in the United States as well as Canada and Japan to be repaired. The prices listed below are guidelines; please contact Keith with any questions you may have regarding repairs to a specific cue.
shaft cleaning $20.00 and up
Triangle, LePro or Water Buffalo Tip $20.00
UltraSkin Layered Tip $30.00
Ivory Layered tip $30.00
SIB Layered tip $35.00
Moori Layered Tip $45.00
Josey Thunder Tip (break & jump tip) $25.00
Re-Taper Shaft (price per every 1/4 millimeter) $20.00
Phenolic Ferrule $35.00
Re-Wrap w/ Irish Linen $50.00 and up
Re-Wrap w/ Black Lizard Leather $150.00 and up
Refinish Cue, new Linen Wrap $200.00 and up
Refinish Cue, new Leather Wrap $300.00 and up
Josey standard Rock Hard Maple shaft $200.00 and up
Josey JAVA dark roasted shaft $300.00 and up
Josey ZERO Laminated LD shaft $280.00 and up
*** Timeless Timber shaft (old growth ring) $250.00 and up
Josey standard Laminated shaft $225.00 and up
Josey Hustler Shaft w/ solid black ring $170.00 and up



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